IMSS 2018

The 3rd International Mechatronics Summer School was the biggest so far – in terms of the number of participants. It took place between the 3th and 8th September 2018 in Brno in our Mechatronics Laboratory. This year, the participants came mostly from europian countries (Austria, Poland, Malta, Germany, Slovakia) but most of all from Italy – trying to rename the IMSS to Italian Mechatronics Summer School, which shares the same abbreviation. We also arranged a visit to the VIDA! Science Centre.


IMSS 2018 Schedule

Day 1: Modelling of mechatronics systems – current trends and new adventures

  • Overview of the course, introduction to modelling and simulation using Matlab and Simulink

Day 2: Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) = How to Effectively Design a Controller on a Real System

  • Developing a controller using a real-time PC I/O board, deployment to embedded HW
  • Visiting the VIDA Science centre.
  • Spending an evening with a dinner in the city centre.

Day 3: Model-based control – how to design advanced controllers

  • Control, modelling and identification of nonlinear systems, individual projects witch various laboratory models or real systems (e.g. a nonlinear automotive actuator)

Day 4: Social event – trip to CESKY KRUMLOV
Day 5: Modern Real-Time Hardware for measurement and control – FPGAs

  • Theoretical and practical lectures on FPGAs

Day 6: Hardware-In-the-Loop technique (HIL) – modern way to develop and test a mechatronic product

  • Team projects with dSPACE real-time combuter boards, designing an ECU HIL simulation