Motion simulator with two degrees of freedom

This device was developed for testing purposes for the automotive industry, especially for the BOSCH company. The testing involves a simulation of normal and tangential acceleration and the corresponding forces applying on the product while braking, accelerating or turning. Our device is capable of simulating the acceleration up to almost 7 ms-2, which corresponds to a vehicle accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h just in 4 seconds. The simulation is realized by changing the direction of the gravitational force applying on the body, which is done by inclining the tested product by a specified angle. In this manner, it is possible to simulate both the normal and tangential acceleration or even their combination.


This is a device, that was completely developed in the Mechatronics laboratory, meaning the design, mechanical construction, control and power electronics and software. During the development, we used modern software and hardware tools, like automatic code generation, 3D CAD, touch display, etc..


The device is a fully independent unit – it can work without a superior PC. In a case of need, the service can define a desired series of acceleration and does not have to interfere the process anymore. The device was EMC tested, meets all the standards and legislation and received the Declaration of Conformity.