Development and verification of advanced control algorithms for BLDC motors

The laboratory is also equipped with testing stand for development and verification of advanced control algorithms for sensor and non-sensor control of BLDC motor. The mechanical part of the stand is composed of tested BLDC motor, direct-current motor acting as an active burden, and the moment and position sensors. The three-phase converter from Microchip Company is used as a power unit. Modular HW from dSPACE Company with FPGA card DS5203 is used for developing the algorithms by the Rapid Control Prototyping method. An autonomous control unit of the BLDC motor or the HW from National Instruments can be also added to the testing stand.

The testing with the use of Hardware-in-the-loop simulation is important for the process of control units development. For these cases, the lab has developed a model BLDC motor which is able to work in real time. Correct description of the dynamics of electrical part of BLDC motor needs very small computational step. That is why the model is run on the dSPACE modular HW using simultaneously the processor and FPGA parts.