International Mechatronics Summer School

September 2021 The summer school has been canceled, we will be back in 2022.

  • For a video documenting the IMSS 2017 click HERE.
  • For a drone video of the IMSS 2018 click HERE.
  • For a video dosumenting the experiences of one of the participants from 2019 click HERE.

What is Mechatronics?

  • PCBMechatronics integrates mechanical, electrical and computer engineering into one product. Typical mechatronic system acquires information using sensors, processes it and generates actions using actuators.
  • Mechatronics is a modern branch of engineering widely sought in automotive, aerospace, robotics and many other industries.

What is our summer school about? What do we offer you?

  • Consolidation and reinforcement of the knowledge and skills of the participants in the area of Modelling and Simulation in MATLAB/Simulink environment.
  • We provide the participants with practical experience of Rapid Control Prototyping technique (how to design, test and implement advanced control systems using modern HW and SW tools).
  • We will teach and demonstrate the Hardware-In-the-Loop technology using state-of-the-art HW and our practical experiences gained at recent industrial projects for partners like SKODA Auto or BOSCH.

Who is it for?

  • RC GirlAre you an engineering student interested in new experience and practical skills in the field of Mechatronics? Join us!
  • Are you a freshman in Mechatronics or Mechanical or Electrical Engineering and would you like to reinforce your skills, knowledge and motivation? Join us!
  • Are you finishing the high school? Are you motivated? Do you plan to study Engineering at a University? Join us!
  • Would you like to gain practical and deep experience in the field of Modelling, Simulation, System Identification, Rapid Control Prototyping and Hardware-In-the-Loop? Join us!

Why join us?

  • We are a dynamic team of the Mechlab (Mechatronics lab) with active projects for companies like ŠKODA Auto or BOSCH. We do the Mechatronics!
  • We can share our theoretical knowledge and practical skills with you. We are happy to do that!
  • We know, that practical experience in the lab is much more valuable than the reading of a hundred of books. We will teach you the tools and approaches which we use in our projects!
  • You can meet students from different countries with different experiences. You can meet new friends or colleagues!
  • We guarantee friendly environment, individual approach to all participants and coffee for free!

Preliminary program

    • Students will receive the course materials before the start of the summer school.
    • Most of the teaching time will be spent on individual work in a computer lab with the continual support of the lecturer.

Day 1: Modelling of mechatronics systems – current trends and new adventures

      • Overview of the course
      • Students will work in two groups: beginners and advanced.
      • Beginners group: Introduction to MATLAB and Simulink (basics, vectorization, advanced features such as solvers, algebraic loops, zero crossing detection). The knowledge acquired will be sufficient to successfully continue and enjoy next days.
      • Advanced group: Special topics in MATLAB (new language features, optimization of memory usage and other topics) and Simulink (S-functions, Code generation and others). Acquired knowledge will significantly deepen the understanding and user proficiency with MATLAB and Simulink and other similar tools.
      • HANDS-ON – both groups will do exercises in the computer lab.

Day 2: Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) = How to Effectively Design a Controller on a Real System

      • legoReal-Time systems for measurement and control – lecture
      • Theory and HANDS-ON: Controller development – control of a mechatronic actuator using RCP tools (MF 624 I/O card, Real-Time toolbox) – labs
      • Theory and HANDS-ON: Deployment of a controller to an embedded system – how to adjust Simulink model to run at a microcontroller (Microchip dsPIC) – labs
      • HANDS-ON – Team project: building and programming of LEGO Mindstorms robots using Simulink, team competition.

Day 3: Model-based control – how to design advanced controllers

      • Why is model useful for control, how to design nonlinear controllers using a model of a system (plant) – lecture
      • How to acquire system model – Introduction and selected advanced techniques in System Identification – lecture
      • HANDS-ON – Individual project: modelling, identification and control of selected laboratory model or real system (e.g. a nonlinear automotive actuator).

Day 5: Modern Real-Time Hardware for measurement and control – FPGAs

      • Structure of Real-Time hardware – lecture
      • Introduction to programming of FPGAs – lecture, demonstrations, labs
      • Programming of FPGA using automatically generated code – demonstration.
      • HANDS-ON – individual project: Programming of a Xilinx FPGA.

Day 6: Hardware-In-the-Loop technique (HIL) – modern way to develop and test a mechatronic product

    • Introduction to HIL, principles, HW, SW, overview and features of common and special peripherals.
    • Success stories – We will share with you the results of our industrial projects.
    • Case study: Modular platform for RCP and HIL on the National Instruments PXI (technical details, demonstration)
    • Case study: Modular platform for RCP and HIL dSPACE (technical details, demonstration)
    • HANDS-ON – team project – HIL on a dSPACE system.


Social events during the Summer School

Day 4: Social event – trip to CESKY KRUMLOV

      • The full-day trip to Český Krumlov, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a lively, cosmopolitan town with a unique atmosphere dominated by a Castle stretching over the meandering Vltava River.
      • The Summer School fee covers the transport there and back with a bus.

Fees & Payment

Early bird ( until 31.5.2019 ) € 550
Regular € 690
Estimated living costs (accommodation, food) € 150
        • In case of interest or any question, do not hesitate to contact us at or at phone +420 770 127 927.


        • The registration fee does not cover the transportation and accomodation costs.
        • There is direct flight to Brno from London and Berlin.
        • You can also fly to Prague or Vienna, there are direct train/bus connections to Brno.